Past and Completed Projects


  • This project is owned by NICON INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED. It is strategically located along Lekki-Epe Express Way, just after Heroes Leather Works about ten minutes drive from Mobil Producing Corporate Office in Victoria Island, Lagos
    The site is well sand-filled and settled site, covering a total land area of 57.298 hectares providing about 450 plots with 70% of the plots sold to Chevron Cooperative and Credits Society. The available plot sizes ranged from 800m to 1,000m.

    The project was financed by Megamound and Indemnity Finance Limited who jointly financed the infrastructures including: Roads, Water supply, Electricity, Drainages, Telecommunication, Perimeter fence e.t.c. The civil infrastructural work was contracted to the construction giants PW Nigeria Limited while Julius Berger Nigeria Limited did the sand filling. The total value of the project is estimated at N2,500,000,000.00 (Two Billion Five Hundred Million Naira).

  • This multi-million naira project is situated at No 1, Isheri Road, Omole Ogba. Owned and constructed in 1996 by Megamound on a land area of approximately 1,200sqm, the plaza is a multi-purpose office complex. It consists of about 5 office suites with kitchenettes and conveniences; and 20 shops and offices. The plaza is estimated at a current market value of N100,000,000.00 (One Hundred Million Naira). The plaza is highly commercial.

  • By a Joint Venture Agreement and a Memorandum of Understanding, the Elegushi Property Investment Company Limited (Owners) agreed with Megamound/IFL Ventures Limited (Developers) to jointly develop a 20.733 hectare of land at Elegushi, beside Chisco Motors, Lekki-Epe Express Way, Lekki, Lagos into a residential site and service scheme with ancillary support facilities like Roads, Electricity, Drainages, Perimeter Fence, Streetlight e.t.c.

    The site is properly sand filled, covering a total area of 21 (twenty-one) hectares which were laid out into various plot sizes of 800sqm and 1000sqm. The project has since been completed and plots sold to various applicants.

    The total value of the project is estimated at 2,000,000,000.00 (Two Billion Naira).

  • By an outright purchase, Megamound acquired a large tract of land measuring two (2) hectares situated at PEPE Village, off Rabaka Road, Owode, Ikorodu, Lagos State. The land was purchased to facilitate dredging activites and stock piling of sand for commercial purposes. To further facilitate this, giant dredging machines were acquired. Presently, the site has become a huge functional commercial dredging site with stockpile of sand measuring over 200,000 cubic meters.


  • Acquired from the Ojomu chieftancy family, the land measuring 28.309hectares is situated along Chevron Drive off Lekki-Express Way, Lekki Peninsula, Lagos. Megamound in conjunction with Indemnity Finance Limited entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Ojomu chieftancy family to develop the 28.309hectares of land. The whole land was reclaimed by sand filling which was done by Messrs Julius Berger Nigeria PLC, who were contracted by both Megamound and Harris Dredging Limited and financed by WEMA Bank PLC.

    The Estate is comprised of 231 plots currently under construction with the provision of infrastructures such as roads, electricity, water supply, drainages, telecom, perimeter fence, e.t.c. to make the 231 plots fully serviced plots. The contractors on the job are the Civil Engineering Giants PW Nigeria Limited while Megamound’s consultants are Prime Safe Way Builders and FMA Architects Limited.

  • Chevron By a Joint Venture Agreement, Megamound, Mayfair Building Society Limited, and IFL Ventures Limited became subscribers to Lekky County Homes Limited, a company incorporated for the purpose of developing a 66.8 hectares of land into a site and service scheme known as Lekky County Homes Estate. The entire land, which was originally owned by Mayfair Building society Limited, was made the subject of development, which under the J.V.A is to be financed, jointly by Megamound and IFL Ventures Limited.

    Interestingly, but not surprisingly, Megamound was appointed the Managing Director of Lekky County Homes Limited due largely to its wide experience in Estate Development and partially to its ability to source funds to finance big projects of this magnitude and more.

    Lekky County Homes Estate is strategically located at Ikota, Lekki almost opposite Oluwa Ni Sola (Eleganza Plaza) five minutes drive from, along the Lagos-Epe Express Way, Lagos State. The primary goal of the proposed site and service scheme is to provide a serene, secured and clean residential environment that will enhance healthy and safe living.

    WEMA Bank PLC, through its subsidiary WEMA Homes Limited is the financier of the project. The Estate is provided with infrastructure/facilities such as roads, drainages, perimeter fence, water supply, streetlights, e.t.c.

    In total, the Estate provides about 700 fully serviced residential plots. Each plot has a minimum area of 700sqm. In addition to the residential plots, there are plots of complimentary uses like nursery and primary schools, recreational parks, estate clubhouse, fast food center, shopping mall, clinic/pharmacy and estate management/security office. The Estate will also provide some 4 (four) Bedroom Terraces with prices ranging from N10,000.000.00 (Ten Million Naira) while the fully serviced plots are from N4,200,000.00 (Four Million, Two Hundred Thousand Naira). The total value of the project is estimated at N3,500,000,000.00 (Three Billion, Five Hundred Million Naira).

  • Located within the Oniru Chieftaincy Family Estate Victoria Island Annex, Lagos and particularly described as Plot 19, Block 25, on the Oniru Family Layout, Kings Court Estate can be best described as constituting of sixteen 5 Bedroom, Semi-detached houses on a total land area of 500sqm (Five Hundred square metres). Situated directly opposite Atlantic Beach Estate, the 500sqm land area was completely acquired and developed by Megamound. Each house is to be sold for N40,000,000.00 (Forty Million Naira). This covers cost of general civil works to include drainages, electricity, and water supply. The estimated value of the project is N640,000,000.00 (Six Hundred and Forty Million Naira)

  • Megamound Investment Limited has obtained a concession from the Ojomu Royal Family for the physical development of 25 hectares of land at Lekki at a location adjoining the Victoria Garden City (VGC). This is an ongoing project which will in every way reflect the unique quality and distinction associated with Megamound.

  • The company is currently constructing a six-storey five star hotel at Oniru Estate located at Lekki, Lagos State. This structure promises to serve the best interests of the corporate and hospitality business on Victoria Island.

  • Megamound has acquired property at AKodo Village where construction is set to commence to build residential buildings of the quality and style that the Company is recognized for in the real estate industry in Nigeria.

    N130 Million

    5 Bedroom Detached House with BQ on 800sqm.

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    Detached Bungalow

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    N65 Million

    4 Bedroom Detached House + BQ

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    N120 Million

    5 Bedroom Detached House + 2 BQ on 600sqm.

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    N15 Million

    4 Bedroom Detached Bungalow on 650sqm

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    4 Bedroom Apartments

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    N12 Million

    3 Bedroom Semi-Detached Bungalow on 500sqm

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